Ocie Elliott pen tunes that feel lived-in. You can hear their memories, moments, and emotions in
the dusty acoustic guitars, the sparse production, and the graceful harmonies between Jon
Middleton and Sierra Lundy. Their experiences as a couple pour into a living and breathing vision
for 21st century folk amplified by alternative nuance and unassuming pop appeal. After gathering
hundreds of millions of streams and earning widespread acclaim, the JUNO Award-nominated
group take another leap forward together on their 2023 Know The Night EP [Nettwerk Music
“We each bring separate things to the table,” notes Jon. “From the first time we sang together, we
instantly reacted like, ‘Wow, this feels so good’. Sierra forces me to be a much better songwriter.
There was a connection and synergy when we started harmonizing, and it’s only become
“Much like our relationship, there’s something unique about us singing together,” adds Sierra. “If
I’m weak in some way, Jon’s voice will be there. I’m a severe perfectionist, and I’m quite ADHD.
I can never finish anything. Having Jon there, he’s so prolific. He’s always getting things done.
Both of our personalities forge better music than we could make separately.”

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